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Monday, June 20, 2005

[Planting Seeds]

There's no point buying a farm and not growing any crops.

After getting all the previous articles shifted over from the now defunct OUATIC site, and sitting rather proudly for four minutes more than necessary for what was essentially a cut and paste job, I've let this site gather dust, rather than experiment and learn in the creation of new things.

Trial and error.

Yearly crop cycles.

I want to start learning again. So, for the one person that has flicked onto this page from time to time to see if anything new has cropped up (fictious), and for my own sake (fictious on occasion), I'm going to try out ideas here. Sketches, art projects, prose, stories, reviews and a light peppering of humour.

A framework may emerge, but management have the right to re-structure whenever the whim takes them.

But hey, at least it'll be something new every so often, eh?

So keep an eye out. As for now, recommendations (whilst I get up and running) are, the new home of the OnceUponATimeInCardiff crew, and a rather tasty Film Noir piece. (On my list when the cruficing slowness of Dial Up becomes a distant memory) Pick up a copy of Warren Ellis' Come In Alone, a fantastic collection of articles written about the state of the comic book industry today. Play Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil (available across all three gaming platforms.) And listen to Bad Religion's The Empire Strikes First.

Laters Amigos.


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