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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Taste of Things to Come

I'm completely loving the new Audioslave album. After their patchy second effort I was dubious about passing over my wallet's fillings (yes I'm one of those those crazy folks that wants to give artists my money) but I'm glad I took the chance.

At first it seems nothing new, but multiple listens are making it one of those rare jewels; the grower album. I believe I had it on repeat for an entire day at work, a situation that hasn't occured for a very long time. And in a year where brillant albums have sprouted likes weeds in an untended garden, that's high praise indeed.

I go by the monkier Nab Gil (pen name - god help the child who's parents actually label them with that title) and I'm a videogames journalist. I do a few other things as well. You might hear about them sometime. (Not in a 'crazed Irishman takes over world' scenario, but certainly in the general themes written about in this here log.)

But in the mean time, welcome. Make yourself comfortable and have a flick through previously scripted articles, which have been sitting in a vault for a few years, unearthed from the time I worked on a weekly column for the Once Upon In Cardiff website. You won't find its like again, but I would direct you to the All Star Friends website, featuring a collection of very talented individuals, from award winning film maker Alun Pughe, part time muscian/full time father D.V.S and the individual we only occasionally refer to as Filth. is what you need to click/type.

As for here, expect general randomess, commentary on the videogames industry, art, photography and on occasion *gasp* competent articles that are worth reading. You never know what delights you'll uncover.

Even if dragging your eyes over my general wanderings becomes too tiresome, I'd ask you to refer to the number of links tagged onto the right of this page. I can say for certain that you'll find nothing but the best content from the best people there, so your trip here wasn'y entirely wasted.

I think that's about all the introductions I've to make at the moment. I'm now off to review Viva Pinata, dream of playing Lost Planet and wishing I had a 60Hz-capable television in my bachelor pad (re: shoebox flat in North London) so I could play Gears of War ahead of the rest of the United Kingdom.



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